About Us

Welcome to PeesahExpress, Dubai’s premier destination for instant excitement and instant rewards! We are a dynamic and innovative company located in the heart of Dubai, dedicated to turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. At PeesahExpress, we’ve redefined the thrill of winning by offering instant rewards through our unique Scratch Tickets.

Our Mission:

At the core of our mission is the desire to bring joy and excitement to the vibrant city of Dubai. We believe that everyone in this dynamic city deserves the chance to experience the thrill of winning, and we’ve made it our mission to make that happen in the most accessible and fun way possible.

How it Works:

PeesahExpress operates on a simple yet exhilarating concept. For a small investment of AED 5 to AED 10, our customers can purchase Scratch Tickets that hold the potential for instant fortunes. These tickets are not just pieces of paper; they are gateways to a world of surprise and delight.

Instant Rewards:

What sets PeesahExpress apart is our commitment to instant gratification. When you strike gold and win the lottery on one of our Scratch Tickets, there’s no waiting around. We believe in the power of the instant reward – as soon as you win, we’re ready to celebrate with you by instantly providing your well-deserved prize.

Why Choose PeesahExpress in Dubai:

  1. Dubai’s Instant Thrill: Our Scratch Tickets deliver an immediate rush of excitement right in the heart of Dubai, with the chance to win fantastic prizes.

  2. Transparent and Fair: PeesahExpress, based in Dubai, is built on integrity. Our lottery system is transparent, ensuring a fair and trustworthy experience for all participants.

  3. Dubai’s Diverse Prize Range: From cash rewards to exciting gifts, our range of prizes caters to the diverse tastes of the multicultural Dubai community, making every win special.

Our Commitment:

PeesahExpress is more than just a rewarding company; we’re a community based in Dubai built on shared experiences. We are committed to creating moments that Dubai residents and visitors will cherish and remember. Your happiness is our success, and we look forward to being a part of your joyous moments in this vibrant city.

Join the PeesahExpress Journey in Dubai:

Whether you’re a seasoned lottery enthusiast in Dubai or a newcomer looking for a taste of excitement in this cosmopolitan city, PeesahExpress welcomes you to join our thrilling journey. Explore the world of instant rewards, where every Scratch Ticket is a potential game-changer.

Thank you for choosing PeesahExpress – where dreams are scratched, and rewards are instant, right here in Dubai!